Moroshka Clean-n-Care

Clean and care of Moroshka Apparel

If you want that knitted Moroshka outwear and accessories serve you long time and look good you should to clean and care it properly


All knitted apparel from Moroshka collection as well as other woolen things highly recomended for dry cleaning, but as an exception you can wash following some simple rules

Knitted wear should be washed only by hand (and no hand regimes at washers at all) in tepid water using special shampoos for wool only. Soak your garment  for 10-15 minutes, then press it gently few times. Do not rub or stretch it. After rinse it with tepid water as described above. Squeeze the water excess tenderly and place it between two bath towels (use non dyeing ones the white are the best). Roll this sandwich gently to get rid of moisture and roll back. Thereafter spread it on a flat and shape it as it was before washing. When drying avoid direct heat and sun.

Sooner or later the pits will form on woolen wear. And for Moroshka apparel it is best to remove it by hand.


Knitted wear is hardly rumpled but is necessary to store it properly. Never hang up hand knitted wear on hangers. Fold it on separate shelf specaly assigned for knitted wear.  Folded neatly your apparel will stay nice and attractive for long time.